Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Actif Epica - Order of the Hrimthurs

Actif Epica Saturday Feb. 14th, 2015.

Actif Epica race is a challenging self-supported ultra-endurance event in extreme trail and weather conditions in southeastern Manitoba. 130 km of winter across the sparkling southeastern Manitoba prairie on the historic Crow Wing Trail (part of the Trans Canada Trail).

The race starts in St. Malo and finishes at the Forks, the heart of Winnipeg’s downtown.  Icy temperatures, windswept trails, big skies and huge landscapes will challenge ultra-endurance racers on a course that will take approximately 8-25 hours to complete, depending on the day’s conditions (for those who are able to complete it).

Actif Epica is a partner with Tuscobia Winter Ultra and Arrowhead Ultra135 in a triple crown event known as “The Order of the Hrimthurs.”

The Order of the Hrimthurs
The Hrimthurs are legendary frost giants from the northern land of cold, ice and darkness  . Shadowy figures who are watching the endeavors of winter ultra racers, deeming them worthy of being counted among those who have slain them.  Strength, cunning and resilience are the way of the mighty Hrimthurs.  Racers who complete the 150-mile race at the Tuscobia Winter Ultra, the Arrowhead 135 Ultra and Actif Epica in the same season will receive the rare honour of being inducted into this prestigious order. In 2013/14, only five racers achieved this feat (travel mode for Tuscobia, Arrowhead and Actif Epica respectively, indicated):

Mark Scotch, Plover WI (ski/ski/bike)
Chris Scotch, Los Gatos CA (run/run/run)
Alex Oenes, Minneapolis MN (bike/bike/bike)
Hal Loewen, Winnipeg MB (bike/bike/bike)
Dan Lockery, Winnipeg MB (bike/bike/bike)

Who will be inducted in 2015?


  1. YOU DID IT!! Great Job!!!! So excited for you!

  2. Thank you EJ. It was worth every step!