Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Ultras - Clothing and Gear

Layer, layer, layer that's what I've been reading.  Obviously it's a science and something I haven't quite mastered yet but I had better soon. 

Merino wool, softshell, gortex, fleece, outer shell, wind stopper...it's enough to make your head spin with everything out there in the market these days. What happened to the days when Stanfields long underwear was enough!!

Then there's the shoes, gaiters, miits/gloves, hats and balaclava's.  There's no end to what you might need depending on the conditions.

Ever since I was sidelined with that running injury the only shoes I can run in pain free these days are the HOKA.  Does Hoka make a winter running shoe?  A Gortex version?  NO!  I've been wearing the Hoka Stinson for my training and no matter whether I run 1 hour or 4 it seems that when I get home the shoe is wet.  Wet from sweat or wet from the snow or possibly  a combination of both I'm assuming. 

So I just purchased the new Hoka Mafate 2 version which is waterproof they say.  Will that help who knows?  I have to say when I opened the box I was shocked at how large they seemed and how high but once on my feet I felt like I was floating on air.  If all else fails maybe they will take the place of snowshoes.

I was also thinking about something to cover up my butt if it's really cold out as it is always cold. I've been looking at those down skirts and actually tried a few but none really fit and they were pretty expensive. Not everyone is a small, medium or large. Some of us are a small and a half or a medium and a quarter so I thought I should try and make one. Since I'm abit handy with the sewing machine I took an old down vest I had and revamped it into a down skirt.


Now for the food...


  1. You mean, "down skirt", not "shirt". Although you could wear it as a, "down tube top". I love it. My butt feels warm just looking at it:-)

  2. A down tube top...too funny. Nope it's a skirt better change that :)

  3. I thought about a short skirt or similar this winter too. "Back" and thighs are always getting cold...

  4. I thought about a short skirt or similar this winter too. "Back" and thighs are always getting cold...